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Why is this a MUST at your next event?

This is NOT your average photo booth. Our photo booths are sleek, modern, and very innovative. Our booth is completely digital and wireless, allowing guests to share photos within seconds, using SMS messaging, email, AirDrop, or QR Code. Long gone are the days of the tacky, low-quality, photo booth strips, sometimes known as prints, that end up getting thrown out. Guests really just want to be able to post on social media to share with family and friends and our booth is perfect for that!

What does our booth have to offer?


✔︎ Photo Booth Station

Our high-quality photo booth station, features a professional camera that guarantees crystal clear and stunning photos. We prioritize delivering an easy to use, premium experience for all of our clients. This is the ultimate selfie booth that has been quite literally the hit of every single event. It is perfect for all occasions & is completely customizable to match any event style or aesthetic. Guests will be sharing these photos on social media for months & years to come!

✔︎ Digital Media

You will receive all captures instantly to your phone, be able to view the online gallery during your event and afterwards, plus the next day we will send you a complete zip file of all captures taken! So long are the days of losing your photo strip or not knowing what to do with it once you get home. Nobody will be disappointed with having their photos digitally on their phones forever!

✔︎ Four Capture Modes

In the Photo mode, strike a pose and instantly save favorite snapshots as timeless keepsakes. Dive into the world of motion with our GIF mode, creating captivating animated images that bring your memories to life. For a fun twist, try our Boomerang mode, capturing short looping videos that add a burst of energy to any event. And in the Video mode, record heartfelt messages or hilarious antics to treasure forever. With our photo booth, the possibilities are endless, ensuring that every moment is immortalized in a way that's uniquely yours.

✔︎ Tap to Start Screen

With our custom-designed tap to start screen, we seamlessly integrate your event colors, designs, or themes, setting the perfect tone right from the beginning. Whether it's a wedding, corporate gala, or birthday celebration, we ensure that every aspect of our photo booth reflects your unique vision. Want to incorporate personal images or logos? No problem! Our team works closely with you to incorporate any elements that hold special significance, ensuring that every photo becomes a cherished memento.

✔︎ Props

Choose from our extensive collection of basic props to add a touch of whimsy and laughter to your photos, including hats, glasses, signs, and more. Want to take it up a notch? Opt for our premium props selection, featuring elegant masks, feather boas, themed accessories, and customized signage, guaranteed to spark joy and excitement in every snapshot. Whether you're celebrating a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, our diverse range of props ensures there's something for everyone to enjoy.






Introducing our all-new "Glam Booth" – a pinnacle of sophistication and style in the world of event photography. This ultra-premium service redefines the art of capturing moments. Our Glam Booth isn't just a photo booth; it's an experience that radiates class, timelessness, and undeniable glamour.

Captivating Elegance in Every Shot

Our Glam Booth experience is the epitome of sophistication and style. Popularized by celebrities like the Kardashians, our Glam Booth captures every moment with expertly lit precision, and captures photos on a professional camera. The result? Crystal clear, high-quality images that exude elegance. Your celebration deserves nothing less. Each photograph is a work of art, reflecting the true essence of your celebration. Elevate your event, make every moment a star-studded affair, and let our Glam Booth transform your memories into timeless masterpieces.


Additional backdrops available upon request!



How does it work?

Our photo booth is fully digital and delivers captures to guests via text, email, AirDrop or QR Code. There is a live gallery that updates as people take photos at an event. These photos are saved here and are shareable during and after an event.

How to use our booth:

Is WiFi needed for the booth?

WiFi is preferred for the photo booth, but is not required! Captures will send once the photo booth is connected to WiFi, if no internet is provided. All captures save to the gallery no matter what... even an event in the middle of nowhere, with no cell service. Don't worry!!

What is required for setup?

We require one 3-prong 120v standard outlet and a 7' by 10' area with level ground. 

If I don't share the photos right away, do they all save?

Of course!! All of the photos save to a live online gallery that continuously updates as people take photos. Feel free to view the gallery and download and share any of the captures during or after the event!

What if something goes wrong with the booth during an event?

Don't worry!! If we are on site providing DJ services we can reset the booth in a matter of seconds and it will be back in action! If we aren't on site, not to worry!! We can remotely log into the booth and reset it in minutes!

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