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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

Our photo booth is fully digital and delivers captures to guests via text, email, AirDrop or QR Code. There is a live gallery that updates as people take photos at an event. These photos are saved here and are shareable during and after an event.

How to use our booth:

  1. Walk up to the booth and click the "Tap to Start" screen

  2. Choose photo, boomerang, GIF, video (depending on which package client chooses)

  3. Click "next"

  4. Stand back and pose

  5. Share by clicking text, email, AirDrop or QR Code

Is WIFI needed for the booth?

WIFI is preferred for the photo booth, but is not required! Captures will send once the photo booth is connected to WIFI. All captures save to the gallery no matter what... even a wedding in the middle of nowhere, with no service. Don't worry!!

What is required for setup?

We require one 3-prong 120v standard outlet and a 7' by 10' area with level ground.

If I don't share the photos right away, do they all save?

Of course!! All of the photos save to a live online gallery that continuously updates as people take photos. Feel free to view the gallery and download and share any of the captures during or after the event!

What if something goes wrong with the booth during an event?

Don't worry!! If we are on site providing DJ services we can reset the booth in a matter of seconds and it will be back in action! If we aren't on site, not to worry!! We can remotely log into the booth and reset it in minutes!

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